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            Why Choose Milestone Security?

            Any Home
            Whether you have a security system or not,
            the switch to Milestone Security is easy!

            Lowest Rates
            Go ahead, compare the rates! You won't find
            the same system for less... anywhere!

            No Sub-Contractors
            At Milestone Security all of our technicians are
            team members, no sub-contractors!

            Compare Milestone Security


            Flexible Options X

            Family Protection Plan X

            Price Lock Guarantee X

            Severe Weather Alerts
            100% Cellular X
            Complete Interactive Control X
            Insurance Discounts up to 20% X X X X
            24/7 Monitoring X X X X
            Price Difference

            What Makes Milestone Security Special!

            Milestone Security wants you to decide what is right for you! We offer flexible interactive security plans that meet your security needs and investment levels with plans starting at less than $1/day.

            The Milestone Annual Maintenance Plan (MAM)

            Milestone Security is a proud division of the best home service company in Dallas & Ft Worth. As a Milestone MAM member you automatically receive enrollment into our family protection plan that has benefits from Milestone Electric & Air. This Includes a 1 year annual electrical safety visit, a 2x year Cooling & Heating Tune Ups. See our MAM page for more info.

            Price Lock Guarantee

            Milestone Security is committed to you and your family's budget! Upon the initial system activation we guarantee that your monitoring rate will never be raised. Some companies claim market changes have driven them to charge you more, we promise to never speak those words!

            Severe Weather Alerts

            Milestone Security's interactive control helps to protect you from more than just an unwanted intruder. With severe weather alerts as a standard with all of our systems you are automatically connected to the National Weather Service to receive helpful & potentially life saving warnings regarding dangerous weather conditions in your area.

            100% Cellular

            Milestone Security knows that systems installed with monitoring through a phone line can be easily defeated. So with the assurance of 100% cellular communication you never have to worry about a cut phone line causing loss of connection to those protecting your home & family. Cellular monitoring is a standard feature at Milestone!

            Complete Interactive Security

            Milestone Security understands how far we have come in the past few years with electronics and cool technology! That's why we have made interactive systems available for all of our clients. While many companies have similar technology available for an upgrade we have made it our standard! Connect with your home through your smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world! Stay connected and protected at all times with interactive services! Connect with your home through your smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world so you stay connected and protected at all times!

            Insurance Discounts up to 20%

            Every system Milestone Security installs comes with an ownership certificate that you may provide to your insurance company to take advantage of any discount available.

            24/7 UL Monitoring

            Any security company worth its weight has a UL listed monitoring center, is yours?  Our monitoring center is online and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to always have you covered!


            We Love Milestone Security! It's A Great Feeling To Know Our Family Is Safe!

            -John T. Rockwall Tx

            I Press One Button & My Doors Lock, My Garage Closes & My System Arms... Amazing Technology!

            -Jeni R. Dallas Tx

            My Wife & I love Having An Extra Eye On Our Home & That's Exactly What Milestone Security Gives Us!

            -Mark J. Grapevine Tx.


            No holes, no mess, no worries! Milestone's interactive security system allows us to install a new system or
            expand your existing system with great control and flexibility. Many homes don't have an
            existing system in place,so the wireless technology makes our interactive system an ideal solution for any
            application. Installation is smooth with no mess and we can usually be done within a few hours.